One Step Ahead of the Cloud

Few engineering orgs can spare the resources to design, implement, and tune a custom metric tracking system. Even fewer can maintain the pace of change in an elastic, distributed environment. Monitoring your cloud infrastructure with SignalFx is the best way to keep your app up and performing 100% of the time.


Build Apps, Not Monitoring 

With no hardware to spin up, monitoring-in-the-cloud offers flexibility to any size company and no overhead or maintenance costs. Best of all, improve time to insight and grow at your pace.

  • Avoid painful on-prem deployment and troubleshooting
  • Eliminate expensive infrastructure cost and depreciation
  • Visualize an entire infrastructure in a single pane of glass 
  • Leverage the most advanced feature set to expand workloads, data sources, use cases, consumers
  • Add capacity for metrics incrementally and as you need it 


Build Apps, Monitor with Monitoring-as-a-Service

Monitoring-as-a-Service at Facebook Scale

Proven at Facebook Scale

SignalFx can handle truly any data volume and velocity. Our team previously built the system monitoring over 22 trillion metrics per day across hundreds of thousands of systems.

  • Increase metric load to any frequency you need
  • Avoid excessive storage costs for large time series data 
  • Trigger notifications within seconds of a threshold, no matter the complexity of analytics or alert conditions
  • Add unlimited granularity without fear of falling over
  • Free your team to build your app, not a metrics system 


Enterprise Security and Admin

Security and administration are table stakes for applications managed in the cloud. SignalFx provides full governance for its monitoring solution.

  • Enable secure single sign-on with Okta, OneLogin, Google Sign-In, and Bitium
  • Manage user access and administrator privileges 
  • Get full transparency on data ingest rates and billing
  • Whitelist SignalFx services in compliance with your policy


Security and Administration for Monitoring-as-a-Service

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