Drive Operational Insights Throughout the Org

High-definition charts, built-in dashboards, and straightforward tools that don’t require a dedicated query language bring new questions and deeper insights to monitoring. SignalFx is the only solution advanced enough for a data scientist and accessible enough to make operations a core value across the org.


An EKG for Operations Data

An intuitive interface enables your whole team to monitor the heartbeat of your system as it streams from your infrastructure and applications.


Ops with Ease-of-Use

Ease-of-Use for DevOps

DevOps Decentralized

SignalFx creates the connective tissue to flow insights between services and distribute capabilities beyond their typical silos for a complete view of the application lifecycle.


Build a Culture of Collaboration

A monitoring center of excellence ensures a pervasive focus on quality and accountability. Diversity of perspectives also helps make operational intelligence a competitive advantage. 

  • Remove bottlenecks of limited cloud monitoring resources to focus engingeering on making your application better 
  • Make ops the common language to improve continuity
  • Correlate systems metrics with customer and business metrics for deeper operational intelligence  
  • Model growth and resourcing on deep systems insight


Collaboration Results from Ease-of-Use

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