Full-Stack Visibility for All

By removing the limitations of a proprietary agent, integrations are not only more open, but also more aligned to your growth and evolving needs. SignalFx invests in the data sources the community depends on. Access to metrics from your cloud infrastructure and apps should never be someone else’s business.

Integrations for Visibility

More Stability in the Cloud 

Aggregate data from Amazon CloudWatch in pre-curated dashboards and make use of native AWS metadata to get the most complete view of your infrastructure at all times.

  • Know when nodes go offline or scale down and the impact
  • See key metrics automatically like CPU availability
  • Determine how many nodes you need for each workload
  • Understand your AWS cost breakdown to eliminate unused or oversized instances and anything running idle


CloudWatch Integrations

Open Source Integrations

Open Source with a Safety Net

SignalFx provides a growing catalog of configured, production-ready plugins to monitor the complex web of open-source components running in a modern application.


Docker Metrics, Uncontained

Containerized environments change rapidly and massively increase data. Conquer metric complexity with relevant insight at the host, service, and aggregate levels.


Docker Integrations

Custom App Integrations

Your Architecture, Your Data

Additional integrations, open-source libraries, and support for an extensive REST API connect any metrics from your application to real-time monitoring with ease.

  • Visualize your existing data pipelines with integrations for New Relic, AppDynamics, Graphite, and more 
  • Send custom metrics from statsd or with our client libraries for your Java, Ruby, Python, Go, and Node.js code
  • Integrate easily to capture Windows infrastructure metrics
  • Install collectd with our shell script, Puppet, or Chef


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