Zero Noise, Zero Latency

Alert on service-wide patterns relevant to performance before issues emerge. Teams get notified of duration and severity of an issue on a just-in-time basis so they can prioritize corrective action that actually affects SLAs. Eliminate the pain of false-positives, extended downtime, and alert storms for good.

Noise-Free Alerts

Be the First to Know

With elastic, ephemeral infrastructure, change is constant and unpredictable. Eradicating a potential outage before it affects customers can save time, resources, and your reputation.

  • Start with immediate insight from a library of Recommended Detectors for any host, chart, or integration
  • Get proactive by tailoring alerts to specific objectives
  • Respond to changes in your infrastructure rather than waiting for your cloud provider’s email
  • Monitor service-wide, aggregated metrics against historical benchmarks and isolate the source of change 
  • Set dynamic thresholds on custom analytics functions


Real-Time Alerts

Alerts that Scale

Thresholds that Scale

In order to support scale, alerting rules set by each user survive any and all infrastructure changes and respond dynamically to application updates

  • Know if systems are up or down, no matter what changes
  • Create thresholds that adapt as your environment changes
  • Add dimensions flexibly without re-writing rules
  • Define thresholds by variance (metrics beyond an acceptable range) or rate (change in slope of metric graph)


No More Late-Night Alert Storms

SignalFx is the only monitoring system that alerts on dynamic, aggregate, and duration-based thresholds on a just-in-time basis. Never again spend your nights chasing ghost anomalies.

  • Set duration or percent duration for definitive alerts 
  • Know severity and location of an issue to determine priority
  • Monitor aggregate thresholds to avoid duplicate alerts when multiple nodes experience issues
  • Add extra alert conditions to exclude noisy exceptions  


Alerts Not Alert Storms

Alerts and Notifications

Know the Facts, Now

Deliver notifications and triage response with zero latency. By integrating with your existing communication channels, SignalFx helps you set up a ChatOps processes unburdened by noise.


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