Eliminate the Pain of Alert Trial-and-Error

Setting alert thresholds is typically a painful game of guess-and-check. And creating only very basic alerting rules just introduces more noise from false-positives and flappiness. With Recommended Detectors, instantly create detectors and subscribe to the alerts that are most relevant to your specific metrics and services.

Recommended Detectors Animation

Expert Alerting from Day One 

Easily find the most relevant alerts for all the service and infrastructure metrics in your SignalFx charts, pre-packaged and dynamically tailored to your specific architecture.

  • Choose from a menu of Built-in Detectors and other detectors previously created by your team
  • Take advantage of alerting best practices curated from the community and a wide variety of production environments
  • Shorten time to insight for all users and data sources
  • Subscribe to alerts from any chart or Host Navigator view


Recommended Detectors

Built-in Detectors

Built-in Detectors

Instantly determine threshold parameters, analytics, and alert rules that are relevant to the performance of any component in your modern infrastructure, even if you’re not a data scientist.

  • Determine automatically when an alert should be triggered based on any metric, including derived metrics
  • Apply complex detector rules without modeling 
  • Trust algorithms tested in real field conditions
  • Change the settings on any alert or create new templates from detector clones based on your own expertise

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