Alert Preview

Even with a monitoring solution flexible to support more complicated alert logic, the dynamic environment of cloud applications can complicate alerting. SignalFx’s new Alert Preview compresses the iterative trial-and-error cycles in setting alert logic.

  • Instantly confirm when alerts are triggered using selected thresholds or conditions
  • Accurately modify alert settings so they trigger the appropriate number of alerts
  • Gain confidence that your alerts are relevant and accurate


Built-in Alert Conditions

Static thresholds are inadequate to alert on abnormal behavior and often introduce more noise from false positives and flappy alerts. SignalFx’s new Built-in Alert Conditions capture commonly monitored situations based on community operational expertise and our own experience monitoring billions of metrics in production per day.

  • Take advantage of a rich library to jumpstart alerts ready for the cloud
  • Set up powerful, proactive alerts with minimal cost and complexity
  • Easily leverage pre-packaged alerting algorithms for the most common problem scenarios


Alert Functions Library

Today’s cloud environments are dynamically changing and cloud operations teams require more flexibility in alerting for their operational use cases. SignalFx’s new Alert Functions Library through the SignalFx API enables cloud operations to develop custom alerts that reflect the needs of their environment.

  • Express the most advanced alert logic for a wide range of use cases
  • Deliver deeper operational intelligence in a much easier way
  • Leverage pre-packaged alerting algorithms to use in any custom alert in need of development
  • API access to the underlying data of any cloud environment and to a rich library of alert functions