New Features for Kubernetes Environments

Optimizing Kubernetes key features, including automated, dynamic placement of containers and services and the variety of new abstractions, cannot be realized by existing tools built for static environments. Dev, service, and ops teams need real-time operational intelligence to better manage their Kubernetes environments, containers, and applications.

  • Automatically discover and configure the monitoring of third-party services
  • Visualize microservices infrastructure and key health and performance indicators
  • Deliver on-time alerts that adapt to fast-moving data


New Features to Cut Alert Fatigue

Monitoring cloud applications requires ingesting and analyzing data from hundreds to thousands of web services. Determining the best alert conditions in those elastic environments is a complex process.

  • Dynamically adapt to changing environmental conditions with powerful new tools
  • Remove complexity and maximize productivity for your cloud operations team
  • Expedite the creation, deployment, and tuning of alerts


Infrastructure Navigator 

Knowing where to start is a common hurdle to modern monitoring. A real-time heatmap of host and container status is the starting point to explore advanced monitoring and alerting

  • Remove the complexity of visualizing cloud infrastructure, from hosts to VMs to Docker containers to AWS instances
  • Color by CPU, memory, disk, network, or alert severity
  • Filter and group across dimensions for troubleshooting
  • Narrow the area of investigation for ad hoc exploration


Recommended Detectors 

Setting alert thresholds can be a painful game of trial-and-error. Easily find relevant alerts for all your service and infrastructure metrics, pre-packaged and tailored to your architecture.

  • Choose from a menu of Built-in Detectors and other detectors previously created by your team
  • Take advantage of alerting best practices
  • Shorten time to insight for all users and data sources


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