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Security at SignalFx

Security is a core tenet at SignalFx. We’ve built an enterprise-level security and compliance program, safeguarding our customers’ data and our key assets and reputation. To achieve our objectives we address security in everything we do, whether it be software development, data handling, our internal people processes, and our customer relationships so that our customers can be assured that every employee at SignalFx considers security part of their job.


Security by Design

SignalFx was designed from the beginning with security as a key tenet, using best-in-class technologies, infrastructure, and development practices to safeguard customer data while delivering low latency, real-time monitoring.

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Our users stay in control of their data

SignalFx is committed to upholding customer privacy. We’ve implemented both technical controls and procedural measures that protect your data, and continuously validate them against existing privacy standards, like the Privacy Shield Certification program.

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Trusted by leading organizations

Our customers span a diverse range of industries. Learn how our security measures help you remain compliant with various regulatory and industry standards.

SOC2 Type II CompliantPrivacy Shield Certified

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Built for cloud scale

We keep SignalFx secure and stable for customers running some of the largest distributed systems in the world.

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