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About SignalFx Training

SignalFx has created a comprehensive training curriculum that focuses on monitoring best practices within SignalFx. Individual courses touch on the following topics:

  • Core skills
  • Practical applications of using the SignalFx User Interface
  • API Best Practices

Each course has been designed to help users at different levels become proficient at working with the SignalFx solution.

Available learning options

  • Self-paced (SignalFx Training Portal): Convenient, online training. Any time. Any place.
  • Private:  Instructor-led training delivered onsite or virtually dedicated to your organization


The SignalFx Essentials Series consists of a number of short online courses that introduce you to the SignalFx solution. Take a look at the SignalFx Platform and data model and learn to work with operational data to visualize patterns and trends and create alerts.
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Private Classes

These courses are delivered by a SignalFx instructor onsite at your location or virtually via web conferencing. Click here for the course catalog.

SFx 101 SignalFx Core Skills for Infrastructure Monitoring and Microservices APM

This set of courses is delivered virtually and provides the support for you and your organization to leverage the most of the SignalFx platform. Onboard your team efficiently by learning the core skills for monitoring your environment. 
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SFx 200 Infrastructure Monitoring Using SignalFx 

This comprehensive one-day course provides the practical applications of using the SignalFx platform.   More…. 

SFx 215 Monitoring your Microservices-based Applications using SignalFx

Use SignalFx Microservices APM to analyze and monitor your Microservices-based applications. Learn to use SignalFx APM detectors and built-in dashboards along with trace data to alert and troubleshoot issues.

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SFx 300 Automation Using the SignalFx API for Infrastructure

SignalFx exposes a comprehensive API that allows you to automate any action that can be done using the SignalFx User Interface.
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SFx 310 Sending Custom Metrics to SignalFx

To monitor the performance of your infrastructure and applications, you need real-time metrics. SignalFx offers support for a broad range of integrations for collecting system metrics for infrastructure components. Using the SignalFx client libraries, you can create custom metrics that give you the flexibility to monitor all aspects of your services or applications.
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SFx 315 Advanced Monitoring of Microservices Applications using SignalFx

Configure the SignalFx Smart Agent and Smart Gateway to enable sending in traces to SignalFx. Learn how to auto-instrument and custom instrument your code to send in traces from your Microservices-based applications.

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