See the signal through the noise

Eliminate alert storms with powerful and programmable analytics

Actionable Alerts

  • Monitor service-wide, aggregated metrics against historical benchmarks and isolate the source of any change
  • Create thresholds that adapt as your environment changes
  • Use built-in detectors as an early warning system
  • Set duration conditions to get only definitive alerts
  • Create dynamic thresholds (e.g., alert if the week-over-week change in P99 latency is > 10%)

Alert preview

  • Create production ready alerts without prolonged trial and error
  • Test your alerts against known historical incidents
  • Preview alerts generated by your alert rules to avoid alert storms

Alert templates

  • Built-in anomaly detection for static or dynamic signals
  • Create detector templates for easy and repeatable alert creation
  • Predictive alerts to remediate issues before they arise
  • Historical trending leveraging machine learning
  • Choose from a menu of Built-in Detectors and other detectors previously created by your team

Customized alerts with SignalFlow

  • Compose your own analytics function to drive alerts with powerful and easy to use analytics language
  • Combine alerts to reduce noise with conditional and multi-trigger alerts

Notifications & Auto remediation

  • Send via email, Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty, VictorOps or webhook
  • Alert driven auto-scaling and proactive restarts via webhooks
  • Customizable alert messages to include runbooks and key dimensions
  • Create muting rules based on a detector, an alert, a group-by dimension, or from scratch
  • Triage incidents by time, source, and severity and collaborate by sharing charts and dashboards
  • Mute alerts for a period of up to 48 hours (e.g., when testing new code)