SignalFx is Ready for Service Mesh

SignalFx provides a single view of infrastructure metrics and application traces across your entire microservices environment by combining telemetry data from service mesh with distributed tracing and streaming analytics.

Turn Telemetry into Insights

Service meshes provide a unified vendor-agnostic source for monitoring and observability data, and SignalFx can immediately turn that data into actionable insights. SignalFx supports instrumentation of metrics and traces across any environment, and provides telemetry adapters for service mesh technologies like Istio, Envoy, Consul, and Kong.



Monitor Microservices at any Scale

While service mesh can overcome many fundamental challenges with building microservices-based applications, a monitoring system that can keep up with the demands of this architecture has never been more essential. SignalFx provides instant discovery of containers and orchestration systems like Kubernetes, dynamically generates maps that illustrate service dependencies, and is capable of monitoring high-cardinality metrics without incurring performance penalties.

Detect Problems in Seconds

Proactively alert on issues by combining traces and high-resolution metrics from your service mesh with a library of statistical functions and algorithms in SignalFx. Preview alerts against historical data to tune them before deploying and eliminate false positives. Immediately surface anomalous behavior using the SignalFx Outlier Analyzer.


Respond in Real-Time

With our SignalFlow™️ Streaming Analytics and NoSample™️ distributed tracing architecture, SignalFx provides powerful, prescriptive troubleshooting. Use real-time feedback from SignalFx to make policy-driven changes to your microservices environment, optimize application performance, and automate operations.

See it in action

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