Monitoring for Microservices and Container Based Apps

Architectures for modern software applications and services are evolving. The shift from monolithic to microservices comprised of containers, orchestration management platforms, and serverless computing changes the requirements of a monitoring solution. How do you monitor your applications as containers are increasingly short-lived, service capacity is added on-demand, or a new job is started in ever-changing infrastructure? SignalFx provides a unified view of all layers of application, from infrastructure, to container, to application, to business process.

Aggregate Data, Not Alerts

Get meaningful and timely service-level insights into your entire environment with SignalFx. Instantly capture, visualize, and collaborate over the most relevant metrics—curated, validated, and intelligently aggregated.

  • Bridge from a node-centric view to today’s view of performance based on streaming metrics from every service
  • Add services and see key metrics immediately reflected in your dashboards, charts and detectors
  • Alert on patterns in the metrics from any cloud service, open-source middleware, and custom apps

Eliminate the Cost of Monitoring Configuration

With orchestration and dynamic environments, manually configuring and deploying monitoring is simply not an option, so SignalFx automatically adds components and starts delivering performance data. Add unlimited granularity and, uniquely, SignalFx’s flexibility matches your ever-changing environment.

  • Discover new components as they come online and automatically add them to relevant dashboards and alerts
  • Aggregate all the metrics that matter to your project, service, or team with custom dimensions
  • Build dynamic alerts that adjust to your environment

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