SignalFx Infrastructure Monitoring is able to monitor today’s elastic cloud-native environment in real-time. With SignalFx’s patented SignalFlow streaming analytics technology, users get real-time visibility and analytics-driven alerting . SignalFx is the only infrastructure monitoring solution that can detect and alert on meaningful conditions within seconds – and let you automatically remediate issues before customers are ever affected.

Get Started Quickly with Pre-Built Integrations and Dashboards

Get over 200 pre-built integrations into cloud services and out-of-the-box dashboards to rapidly visualize the health of your entire stack

  • Autodiscover the entire infrastructure stack within seconds. Get visibility across clouds, services, and systems
  • Complete flexibility into metrics collection: on-host SignalFx Smart Agent, and connection to cloud services – AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Out-of-the-box integration with a wide range of notification systems

Act in Real-Time with High-Resolution Metrics

High-resolution metrics drive real-time dashboards, alerts, and insights so you can act before infrastructure performance affects end-user experience

  • Build interactive dashboards with up to one-second resolution to get real-time status of infrastructure
  • Create prescriptive alerts on hosts metrics or on the performance metrics of an entire cluster
  • Quickly troubleshoot a performance bottleneck and drive down MTTR

Scale with Confidence

Modernize your applications and adopt cloud-native infrastructure with confidence. SignalFx is built from the ground up to support hyper-scale requirements of containers, microservices, and serverless architectures

  • Analyze performance across 100,000s of dynamic and ephemeral components, multiple deployment environments, application versions, billions of events
  • Embrace infrastructure immutability. Deploy infrastructure and monitoring-as-code. Instantly start monitoring high-churn, ephemeral infrastructure components
  • Drive closed-loop automation such as auto-scaling cloud environments to ensure a flawless end-user experience

Continually Improve with High-Cardinality Analytics

Leverage unique insights powered by high-cardinality analytics to optimize infrastructure, application performance and business outcomes

  • Dig deep and examine every detail using granular analytics across tens of thousands of dimensions on metric time series
  • Aggregate thousands of time series to get the high-fidelity view of the entire infrastructure stack using built-in aggregate functions
  • Unlock the value of data science by leveraging SignalFlow Analytics, a data-flow-oriented programming language syntactically similar to python, to express complex data computations with a large library of built-in functions

Infrastructure Monitoring Case Study

Acquia discovered $1,000,000 in AWS savings with comprehensive visibility provided by SignalFx

Acquia’s ops team now has real-time visibility into application and infrastructure health. Their average time spent resolving incidents decreased by 26%, saving the team more than 138 hours per month, or close to that of a full-time employee.

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