Support a New Digital Supply Chain

Today’s digital apps dramatically change requirements for business operations across people, process, and technology. New modes of engagement include exposing APIs to new partners, consuming APIs from third parties, and managing costs based on usage patterns from new users. Do you understand the impact of changes in a high velocity release cycle? SignalFx provides the scalable, enterprise monitoring solution at the heart of your digital transformation platform.

Jumpstart your New Platform with Monitoring for the Cloud

Access the operational intelligence required to run digital apps. Connecting IT, service, and app related metrics directly to business outcomes in SignalFx allows digital leaders to innovate at the speed demanded of today’s businesses.

  • Bridge the gap from monitoring servers to monitoring services with instant visibility of your entire environment in a single view
  • Get a head start to operationalizing cloud platforms, open-source middleware, and containers with built-in dashboards
  • Take advantage of alerting best practices with templates curated from the community and a variety of production environments

Enable High Velocity Development with a Safety Net

Understand how dev and ops impact business performance as you move from waterfall to agile to continuous development. Validate the intended impact of code changes upon performance or immediately respond when customers experience a degraded experience from your applications.

  • Eliminate the risk in rapid innovation by enabling real-time visibility from a single source.
  • Leverage a comprehensive library of sophisticated math and statistical functions to identify patterns and trends.
  • Shorten feedback loops powered by real-time and historical analysis, with shared dashboards for all stakeholders.

Get Operational Intelligence on Services, APIs and Customers

Monitor performance from your customers experience to your APIs to your containers. Understand performance-related SLAs and customer-centric business metrics even as your microservices environment changes over time.

  • Monitor service-wide, aggregated metrics by service, customer or partner against historical benchmarks
  • Correlate metrics in a single view across the stack from app to service to cloud infrastructure
  • Create alerts that adapt as your environment changes and add dimensions flexibly without rewriting rules

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