Keep track of your high churn container environments in real-time at real scale with built-in Kubernetes dashboards, and Docker standalone dashboards.

Monitor Kubernetes and Other Orchestrated Environments, or Docker Standalone

  • Built-in Docker and Kubernetes dashboards
  • Auto-discover common services deployed on top of container infrastructure
  • Customize to discover your own services

Instant Discovery

  • Monitor at 1sec resolution and get insight into containers with 2sec latency
  • Get real-time alerts within seconds on high-churn container environments
  • Receive a vast amount of container metrics instantly

Service-Level Aggregations

  • Real-time SLO & KPI tracking
  • Accurate real-time metrics enabled by instant discovery

Broad Ecosystem Support

  • Support for open source Kubernetes, GKE, RedHat OpenShift, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Mesosphere DC/OS, Azure Container Service