Real-Time Monitoring at Cloud Scale

Analyze across 100,000’s of ephemeral components for better insight into today’s cloud environments

Real-Time Analytics

  • Unlimited dimensionality – easily aggregate and analyze metrics with relevant metadata (customer, id, etc)
  • Easily capture custom metrics and business KPIs
  • Compute sum, percentile, min and max, moving average, growth rate, standard deviation, and more with flexibility
  • Model down to the host, device, or any other relevant unit
  • Create charts dynamically from streaming data
  • Monitor live data against historic trends in one graph

Breadth of Integrations

  • Full visibility into public and private cloud IaaS, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, PivotalCloud Foundry, and OpenStack.
  • Monitor CPU, memory, disk and network at 10s resolution
  • See the state of your infrastructure and identify outliers enabling right-sizing
  • Support for multiple data formats with no agent lock-in
  • Capture custom metrics from statsd or with our client libraries for your Java, Ruby, Python, Go, and Node.js code
  • Scale data pipelines with a standard performant daemon
  • Send metrics from Mesos, MySQL, KafkaElasticsearch, Apache, Cassandra, and all the OSS in your architecture

Dynamic Infrastructure

  • Instant discovery of highly ephemeral infrastructure (containers, functions)
  • Analyze streaming data at ingest to eliminate latency
  • Correlate your infrastructure to your applications to gain business level insight
  • Built-in dashboards for Kubernetes, Docker, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and GCP Functions