Keep track of your business in real-time 

Correlate your infrastructure with your applications and monitor the business KPIs that matter to you

Monitor your business

  • Collect metrics from anywhere: system, application, or business
  • Correlate across your app & business metrics
  • Visualize and alert on anything, combine metrics to monitor the business KPIs that matter to you

SLA Monitoring

  • Keep up to date with your modern SLAs
  • Cut down on service outages that affect your users
  • Proactively resolve issues before your users see them

Flexible and convenient mechanisms for sending custom app metrics

  • Client libraries to instrument code directly (Java, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Go)
  • Metric proxy to tap into existing metrics pipelines (e.g. Prometheus, Graphite)
  • Add your own custom integration to retrieve metrics from existing APIs

Easily build custom dashboards and alerts

  • No query language required – all functionality available via point and click UI
  • SignalFlow – powerful python like language for advanced charts and alerts
  • Harness the power of data science algorithms through built-in alerts and analytics functions