Capabilities to advance your cloud-native journey

Whether you’re beginning your journey into the cloud or embracing elastic environments and microservices we have the capabilities to help you monitor and gather operational insights from the metrics and traces that matter most.

Why You Should Reevaluate Your Monitoring Solution for These New Requirements

Do your customers know about your downtime before you do?

Detect and alert on your entire environment including short-lived components with real-time problem detection.

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Spending hours in war rooms?

Expedite your troubleshooting efforts across your entire stack in one tool in real-time with Directed Troubleshooting.

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Can you move fast without breaking things?

Enable your entire organization to move at a DevOps pace while maintaining best practices and centralized control with Monitoring as a Service.

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Locked into proprietary solutions that are not future-proof?

Monitor across your cloud infrastructure, applications, and services in minutes with flexible, open instrumentation.

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“A shift to faster, more agile software delivery is requiring the adoption of Monitoring and APM tools that provide real-time alerting, dashboards, and automation for auto-remediation and auto-scaling.”

Stephen Elliott
Program VP, IDC

“Microservice-based applications are highly complex and dynamic, and they generate large volumes of data. This renders traditional monitoring approaches inadequate at best and dangerously oblivious at worst.”

6 March 2018

SignalFx is Cloud Monitoring for Today’s Enterprises

A new approach to cloud monitoring enables your ability to innovate at high speed without compromising the reliability and performance of increasingly complex digital applications and IT infrastructure environments. There are three key factors to look for in a cloud monitoring service:

An Architecture for Microservices and Containers

There must be a foundation for organizations to adopt today’s dynamic technologies and scale to tomorrow’s demands.

A Shared, Consistent View

Your monitoring solution should aggregate any metric, for every layer of the application stack providing context for every alert, and enable collaboration across your DevOps team.

Support across the Entire Digital Business

Jumpstart success, despite changes in people, process, and technologies, by taking advantage of operational experience and expertise.