Find Signal Beyond the Alerting Noise

Alert storms, false-positives, and flappy alerting are among the biggest challenges of monitoring modern infrastructure in the cloud. How can you tell if a change is normal, an anomaly, a threat, or an emergency? Can you afford for pagers to get turned off after one too many false alarms in the middle of the night?

Alerting Noise Beyond Belief

Analytics as the Source of Truth

Eliminate the false alarms and alerting fatigue of simplistic health checks. Alert on any metric that matters to your use case. Evolve your signal and thresholds as services and infrastructure change.

  • Start with Recommended Detectors for any chart, and choose from a library of built-in alerts for every integration
  • Monitor any combination of incoming data and derived metrics, including percentile, variance, and rate of change
  • Compare to meaningful historical patterns and populations
  • Edit alerting without a PhD or learning a query language
  • Create custom analytics pipelines via API in expert mode


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Clever: Alerting & Analytics

Trusted by Leaders in the Cloud

“A big part of keeping Clever performing has been alerting that lets us see and respond to the growth on our systems. Almost all of our alerts are on derived metrics from custom analytics in SignalFx.”

Mohit Gupta  
Prod & Eng Lead for Infrastructure  

Mohit Gupta on Alerting

Alerting Powers Performance 

Identify, isolate, and act on patterns before they affect availability. A single source for intelligent alerting eliminates silos so that your team can communicate, remediate issues, and preserve SLAs. 

  • Notify via PagerDuty, VictorOps, HipChat, Slack integration
  • Filter by dimension to determine priority and rapidly triage by sharing dashboards across teams
  • Subscribe to any alert to make monitoring a common language for collaboration across the organization
  • Replicate and scale alerts easily via detector templates
  • See the impact of decisions and confirm direction quickly with time shift and alerting that survives changes 
  • Customize settings of any alert, even in production

Alerting & Analytics


Filling a Gap Between APM & Logs

By focusing on time series analytics, monitoring fills a gap not addressed by APM or logs: intelligent, timely alerting on service-wide issues and trends.

  • Aggregate and alert on patterns in the metrics from any cloud service and open-source middleware
  • Pinpoint and remediate issues faster by getting real-time alerts on streaming metrics
  • Enable developers, infrastructure engineers, and operations teams to collaborate across the full application lifecycle
  • Make analytics the engine for better signals rather than sifting through more alerts

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