What Metrics Matter? Where Do You Start?

Cloud services and open-source technologies pose unfamiliar challenges for availability and performance. Which metrics are important? How do they relate to one another and the data captured by legacy systems and traditional monitoring tools? Can you meaningfully correlate metrics and events up and down the new stack?

What Metrics Matter?

Time to Insight: Now

Get immediate insight into each component in your environment. Instantly capture, visualize, and collaborate over the most relevant metrics—curated, validated, and intelligently aggregated. 

  • Discover services automatically with built-in dashboards
  • Correlate metrics in a single view across the stack from your application services down to your cloud infrastructure 
  • Get a snapshot of infrastructure health via Host Navigator
  • Spot outliers as they happen and see the source of any issue
  • Isolate signal with a library of alerts powered by analytics
  • Share charts among teams to collaborate on a plan of action


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Symphony Commerce: Metrics & Integrations

Trusted by Leaders in the Cloud

“We use collectd to gather infrastructure metrics and the Java client library for custom metrics. SignalFx is our ops metric system for the whole organization, combining infra, app, and biz metrics.”

Stan Chan  
Head of Core Infrastructure  

Stan Chan on Integration Metrics

Dashboards Built for All Metrics

Extend SignalFx’s built-in dashboards with additional data, apply filters to get the most relevant view, and customize charts with the SignalFlow analytics engine to see exactly what matters to you.

  • See any metric via a simple and intuitive chart builder
  • Filter specific dimensions like service, environment, or team
  • Build charts with multiple metrics and share across teams

Elasticsearch Metrics

Kafka Metrics

Docker Monitoring


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Metrics Ready for the Cloud

Cloud-based monitoring is the best way to deliver meaningful and timely service-level insights without noise. Get alerts on metrics you care about and scale without the burden of maintenance.

  • Aggregate a single view of all the metrics for your entire modern stack in one place
  • See live streaming metrics for every application you care about and customize metrics for more advanced use cases
  • Add services and immediately see key metrics and get tailored alerts with built-in dashboards and detectors
  • Make analytics the basis for alerts with thresholds built on dynamic indicators like percentile and rate of change

Get Visibility Into Your Metrics

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