SignalFx is the only solution that can detect and alert on meaningful conditions within seconds. With instant discovery of ephemeral components, high-resolution streaming metrics, and intelligent analytics-driven alerting, teams are able to be instantly warned on real issues and begin remediating before customers are ever affected.

Instant Discovery

Modern infrastructure can start and stop in seconds. SignalFx instantly discovers metrics from newly created components and services so that you can monitor high-churn environments with confidence.

High Resolution Monitoring

Dashboards and alerts that update in 1-second intervals ensure that you always have a real-time view of your applications and infrastructure. Understand your environment down to the finest details, respond to issues more quickly, and use real-time alerts to rapidly trigger automated remediation.

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Smart Alerts

Combine high-resolution metrics with a library of statistical functions and algorithms to create alerting rules that accurately model application performance. Preview alerts against historical data to tune them before deploying and eliminate false positives. Customize pre-built alert conditions or create your own custom rules with SignalFx analytics capabilities.

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Monitoring Case Study

How Yelp Achieved Real-Time Situational Awareness with SignalFx

Yelp went from monitoring their monolith to monitoring their services.
Their ops team can now find and resolve problems they were unable to see before. Further, proactive capacity planning enabled analytics on high resolution data. Teams are now empowered to diagnose, tune, and test their own service performance.

See how Yelp engineers “Watch TV all day at work and get away with it”