You can’t afford to wait for monitoring to catch up – running a modern application means identifying and addressing anomalous conditions before they affect your customers. SignalFx uses a streaming analytics engine to deliver consistent low-latency alerting and high-resolution dashboards for any cloud environment, so that you can unlock insights in real-time and troubleshoot faster.


Performing streaming computations on data from your environment enables SignalFx to render charts and trigger alerts in seconds, as opposed to the minutes it can take with traditional monitoring tools. Instantly see how events affect performance to know if a change is normal, an anomaly, or part of a trend – and use real-time feedback from your monitoring system to drive automated remediation or optimize application performance.

NoSample™️ Distributed Tracing

To deliver a flawless end-user experience, you need to monitor every transaction. SignalFx’s NoSample architecture leverages a tail-based approach to trace analysis observing every transaction to identify every anomaly, even p(99.9) transactions. It cuts through the noise so that you can focus on what matters most.

Predictive Data Science

SignalFx enables you to perform historical or real-time streaming analytics computations on all infrastructure and application data with thousands of dimensions to get granular insights. Implement advanced use cases such as business impact correlation, pattern recognition, and capacity modeling using SignalFx.

SignalFx Helps HubSpot Achieve 99.99% Uptime on AWS and Prevent Outages

Hubspot is able to achieve four nines availability by using real-time predictive analytics across 3,500 microservices in AWS. By predicting and automatically remediating issues before they cause outages, HubSpot is able to provide mission-critical service to its customers and improve engineering productivity.