Monitor key metrics in minutes with service auto-discovery. Collect traces from microservices with custom or auto-instrumentation. Deploy future proof instrumentation based on open standards. 

Smart Agent

Start monitoring in minutes without complex and lengthy configurations

The SignalFx Smart Agent is a light-weight open source agent that automatically discovers services running on a host and configures integration plugins to collect relevant metrics and traces. With 200+ integrations for today’s most popular enterprise systems, the Smart Agent is a great way to get your monitoring service up and running quickly. 

Cloud APIs

Directly connect with your cloud provider of choice 

Use integration APIs with major service providers (eg. AWS, Azure, GCP, and PCF) to automatically send metrics and metadata to SignalFx from services (e.g, AWS ECS, Azure Functions, GCP BigTable, etc.) without the need to manage agents or plugins.  Leverage built-in dashboards to rapidly visualize and alert on key metrics based on best practices.

Function Wrappers

Monitor the health and performance of your functions in real time

SignalFx enables you to monitor your function service (AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions)  via metrics on total invocations, errors, durations and more. In addition, you can easily send custom application or business metrics from within your functions.

Distributed Tracing

Collect traces from microservices without lock-in

SignalFx’s vendor-neutral, open standards based data collection provides trace collection from 100s of out-of-the-box instrumented open-source frameworks and libraries. SignalFx tracing plugins seamlessly integrate with the SignalFx Smart Agent allowing you to easily collect infrastructure metrics and auto-instrument your application for traces with a single lightweight tool. If you have already instrumented your own environment, you can simply send metrics and traces directly to SignalFx with the Smart Gateway.


Enable context-aware troubleshooting workflows connecting metrics with logs

With SignalFx Data Links, you can transition from your metrics dashboards to your log data sytem (Splunk, Sumo Logic, etc.) in a couple of clicks. Navigate to relevant portion of log files carrying the context of your metrics enable your DevOps teams to isolate problems faster.


Add event context to charts and alerts

Using either the SignalFx API or our extensive library of integrations, you can send custom events to SignalFx. Quickly correlate the behavior of your applications and infrastructure with events so that you can decide when to revert changes, or take steps to remediate issues.

Cloud migration case study

Planet migrated 7PB of data and 40,000 machines from AWS to GCP in less than 90 days with SignalFx monitoring

Planet was able to complete their cross-cloud migration in 90 days using integrations and instrumentation provided out-of-the box by SignalFx. Planet monitored vital network transmission, data replication, and service latency migration metrics in real-time, and compared compute and database performance on GCP to their AWS service baselines, giving them confidence that their migration was successful.

For an in-depth look at how Planet completed their migration – check out their Google Cloud NEXT presentation

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