Empower your Entire Organization

Monitoring your cloud environment with SignalFx is the best way to keep your apps, services, and infrastructure up and performing 100% of the time.

Instant Insight for Every User

SignalFx is the first solution that retains the flexibility and depth needed by power users, while being easy to adopt for everyday users. Make monitoring the basis for collaboration.

Enable Decentralized Teams

Codify the experiences of others and share knowledge across members of the team and broader organization. Curate the most relevant content and create templates to share best practices.

Simple, Centralized Administration

SignalFx provides full governance for its monitoring solution. Maintain centralized control over user and team access within your organization.

Proven at Enterprise Scale

Reliability, availability, and scalability are table stakes for applications built in the cloud. SignalFx can handle truly any data volume and velocity.