When you’re trying to pinpoint the cause of failure across hundreds or thousands of different services, how do you know where to look? SignalFx expedites your problem isolation and troubleshooting efforts by mapping service dependencies, analyzing performance outliers, and correlating behavior across the stack.

Service Maps

Quickly visualize service dependencies and isolate problems with dynamically generated service maps. Show only the services involved in a particular trace to aid in rapid triage and root cause analysis.

Outlier analyzer

Outlier Analyzer leverages statistical models and pattern recognition to analyze the anomalous behavior of long-tail traces and surfaces the most commonly represented patterns to guide your troubleshooting efforts.

Full-stack Correlation

Highly ephemeral and dynamic environments increase the difficulty of determining the root cause of performance impacting events. SignalFx gives you a single-pane-of-glass view to expedite this root cause analysis.

Metrics and Analytics Case Study

Onshape discovers and isolates issues in their services with comprehensive metrics and traces view

Onshape’s engineering teams now have self-service access to monitor their own service metrics. Everyone has the ability to do their own interactive analysis on application and user behavior, leading to a Product and UX more data driven on high resolution data.

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