With SignalFx, high-definition, easy-to-use dashboards let you interact with all of your data in real-time. Access metrics from every component of your cloud application, while retaining the ability to drill down to views most relevant for your use case.

Unlock Insight in Seconds, Not Minutes

In a real-time world, speed makes all the difference. SignalFx dashboards provide you with a truly real-time view by updating at 1-second resolution, shortening troubleshooting cycles and giving you fine-grained analysis when you need it most.

Create Interactive Visualizations

Build dashboards representing your entire cloud environment with just a few clicks. Quickly create charts as you add data from new services, and customize visualizations to highlight exactly what matters most. Effortlessly share content with your team via SignalFx or through your preferred communication services.

See Every Layer of Your System

Correlate application and infrastructure metrics by constructing dashboards that show both side-by-side. Dynamically group and filter your data by service, cluster, role, team, or any other component of your application architecture. Create dashboards tracking business KPIs to provide context for executive discussions, client meetings, and support conversations.