Visualize and Explore Your Data

With SignalFx, high-definition dashboards and easy-to-use tools let you interact with all your data in real-time. Access metrics from every layer of your cloud application. Flexibly drill down for the view most relevant to your use case.

Breadth of Integrations

A robust catalog of production-ready, auto-configured plugins lets you monitor your cloud infrastructure and common services in simple to build dashboards. Metrics are built automatically, allowing you to rapidly correlate insights from the infrastructure to the application layer.

Easily Capture Custom Metrics

Easily build custom metrics to meet your specific monitoring requirements. Leverage additional integrations, custom alert condition libraries, or use a REST API to monitor your cloud application in real-time with ease.

Gain the Insight you Need

Model your time series data from service, cluster, role, team, or any other component of your application architecture. Apply properties to any stream of data coming into the system to allow you to aggregate and analyze data easily.

Dashboards Built for All Metrics

Extend SignalFx’s built-in dashboards with additional data, apply filters to get the most relevant view, and customize charts to see exactly what matters to you.