Break Down Silos Across the Entire Organization

To build a DevOps culture of collaboration and to quickly troubleshoot problems when they arise, engineering, product, and operations teams need a common language to rally around collective insights. SignalFx is that language. With monitoring and observability through SignalFx, DevOps teams are agile and can easily share information through a shared view of application performance.

Build a Culture of Collaboration

SignalFx helps you to create a source of operational intelligence so your organization can communicate and focus on quality and accountability. Easily share insights across teams to enable real-time visibility of every layer of the application through a single source.

Share Insights Before Issues Arise

By organizing items of interest in a single location and annotating relevant events directly on dashboards, address potential issues before they arise. Define an early warning system by codifying best practices in alert templates and integrating with incident management tools like PagerDuty, VictorOps, HipChat, or Slack.

Jumpstart Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution

SignalFx gives you a head start on guided, collaborative troubleshooting. Triage incidents by time, source, and severity so your organization can quickly and effectively remediate issues.