Real-time problem detection has never been more important. With SignalFx, you can proactively alert on service-wide patterns relevant to performance, helping you resolve issues before they affect customers.

Deliver Alerts in Seconds

SignalFx uses a powerful alerting engine that applies sophisticated analytics within seconds of receiving data, delivering precisely targeted alerts with near-zero latency. Route alerts to the right individuals by integrating SignalFx with your preferred notification services, or trigger automated remediation via webhooks.

Refine Alerts with Analytics

Apply real-time analytics to alert on patterns and trends that matter. A comprehensive library of functions lets every user create composite metrics and customize sophisticated alert rules that represent what you want to know.

End Alert Fatigue

Simplify the process of creating alerts, while eliminating false positives and costly trial-and-error cycles. Use Alert Preview to instantly confirm that alerts will trigger based on actual problems, as opposed to regular system behavior.