Be the First to Know the Facts

SignalFlowTM is the engine at the heart of SignalFx. Alert on service-wide patterns relevant to performance before issues emerge. Prioritize corrective action that actually affects SLAs and prevent extended downtime. Eliminate the pain of false positives and alert storms for good.

Alerts Delivered in Seconds

SignalFx’s powerful alerting engine applies sophisticated analytics within seconds of receiving the metrics, delivering precisely targeted alerts to you with near-zero latency.

Power Alerts with Analytics

Apply real-time analytics to alert on patterns and trends that matter. A comprehensive library of functions lets every user create composite metrics and customize sophisticated threshold that represent what you want to know.

Eliminate Trial and Error Cycles

Simplify the process to create, deploy, and tune alerts. With Alert Preview, instantly confirm alerts will trigger and send notifications based on actual problematic symptoms.

Dynamically Respond to Your Environment

SignalFx is designed to work especially well for highly dynamic environments. Alerting rules survive any and all infrastructure changes and respond dynamically to application updates.