Deliver the Business Promise of Digital Transformation

Metrics & Dashboards

High-definition charts and easy-to-use tools let you interact with all your data in real-time. Access metrics from every layer of your cloud application. Flexibly drill down for the view most relevant to your use case.
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Alert on service-wide patterns relevant to performance before issues emerge. Get notified of an issue on a timely basis to prioritize corrective action. Eliminate the pain of false positives and alert storms for good.
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Build a DevOps culture of collaboration. Rally around collective insights by making cloud monitoring and observability that common language. Proactively address issues and share best practices across your team.
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Enterprise Ready

Accelerate time to insight for every user in your organization. Curate operational intelligence and share best practices by team. Free time, resources, and people to focus on business-critical projects.
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Why SignalFx

Purpose Built for Today’s Environment

SignalFx can handle truly any data, workload, or use case. Born in the cloud, SignalFx is designed to handle today’s dynamic environments and tomorrow’s newest technologies.

Best-in-Class Alerting

Leverage the industry’s lowest latency alerting engine SignalFlow. Get alerts on metrics you choose within seconds and start taking action when it matters most.

An End-to-End Enterprise Experience

Get first-rate support for the entire lifecycle, from onboarding, training to engaging in the customer community. Be confident our solution and our team are always on for you.