SAN MATEO, Calif. and LAS VEGAS – Nov. 30, 2017 – SignalFx, a leader in real-time operational intelligence for data-driven DevOps, today announced it has joined the new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Serverless Application Repository announced at AWS re:Invent on Nov. 30, 2017. AWS Serverless Application Repository is a repository of open-source applications that makes it easy for developers and enterprises to both quickly and easily find and deploy serverless applications across their cloud environments. SignalFx’s open source code for AWS Lambda is available in a Serverless Application Model (SAM) hosted in the AWS Serverless Application Repository, providing customers with a full view of utilization and performance for all Lambda functions.

“We are excited to join the AWS Serverless Application Repository as we’re seeing more of our customers take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of serverless computing environments,” said Karthik Rau, Founder and CEO of SignalFx. “Our customers can now quickly gain insights into their AWS Lambda functions and address issues in real-time to proactively monitor their full environments. SignalFx’s platform is ideally suited to meet the volume, velocity and variety requirements of serverless computing.”

“We are pleased to welcome SignalFx to the AWS Serverless Application Repository to provide AWS Lambda customers with real-time application behavior metrics. The AWS Serverless Application Repository makes it easier for developers and enterprises to source and deploy the serverless applications they need to manage their cloud applications,” said Tim Wagner, General Manager, AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

With SignalFx’s open source code on the AWS Serverless Application Repository, organizations can access real-time application behavior via low-latency, high-resolution metrics from AWS Lambda functions. With its powerful analytics and high-fidelity alerts, SignalFx is enabling customers to confidently manage and monitor their serverless applications with full visibility in real-time.


To meet with SignalFx onsite at AWS re:Invent, please reach out to [email protected]. To learn more about the SignalFx Platform, visit:

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SignalFx is a leader in real-time operational intelligence for data-driven DevOps. The service discovers and collects metrics across every component in the cloud, replacing traditional point tools and providing real-time visibility into today’s dynamic environments. Leveraging the massively scalable SignalFx platform, the SaaS service is optimized for container and microservices based architectures and provides powerful visualization, proactive alerting, and collaborative triage capabilities across organizations of all sizes. SignalFx is used by Fortune 500 enterprises across financial services, apparel, industrials, telecommunications, media, and by web-scale players like Yelp, Hubspot, Acquia, and Kayak. SignalFx is venture-funded by Andreessen Horowitz and Charles River Ventures.

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