What is Pivotal Cloud Foundry?

Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is a platform as a service built on top of Cloud Foundry, an open source cloud computing platform that allows developers to easily deploy, operate, and scale cloud-native applications. Enterprises can manage the entire application lifecycle, from packaging to deployment to execution, as Cloud Foundry supports many cloud frameworks and application languages. With PCF, the installation and administration of cloud-native applications is simplified with capabilities around infrastructure management and provisioning, OS patching, container orchestration, security, and more.

Sending Pivotal Cloud Foundry Metrics

Use the Pivotal tile, composed of a Java agent, and deploy via Ops Manager to capture metrics about the health and performance of all aspects of a PCF deployment, from infrastructure, all relevant metrics related to PCF jobs, containers running on top, and the workloads in those containers. SignalFx provides built-in content to jumpstart new integrations on the infrastructure page and on built-in dashboards.


Pivotal Cloud Foundry Monitoring

The adoption of Pivotal Cloud Foundry and the associated desire to build cloud-native applications changes the requirements of monitoring tools. There are three primary challenges with monitoring Pivotal Cloud Foundry in production environments: understanding operational state, managing applications at scale, and operating multiple clouds and applications.

Understanding Health & Performance of the Platform: While the platform enables better operational efficiency and allows administrators to focus on business-critical initiatives, monitoring in these types of environments requires an ongoing understanding of the overall health and performance of the platform. Ensuring a healthy operational state means that administrators must be proactive in identifying emerging issues and addressing concerning trends before end users are impacted.

Complexities at Scale with Cloud-native Apps: There is a shift in application architecture as enterprises move to cloud computing, and organizations are leveraging PCF that support continuous delivery and horizontal scale. This allows for more rapid deployment, but also an increased number of datapoints to measure and an increased rate of change within a cloud-native environment. The complexities from a dynamic, elastic environment comprised of cloud infrastructure, containers, and applications makes monitoring even more complex.

Optionality of Frameworks and Languages: PCF allows enterprises to run their applications where they want, such as on public clouds and in the programming language of choice. While this openness gives customers a variety of choices to build, release, and manage based on their specific needs, this optionality implies that operations and development teams must have end-to-end visibility of the entire lifecycle and the relationships between each of the individual components.

The SignalFx Difference

Instant, Ongoing Visibility: Using SignalFx, operators can monitor the health and performance of all aspects of a Pivotal Cloud Foundry deployment, from infrastructure, all relevant metrics related to PCF jobs, containers running on top, and the workloads in those containers. Visibility into any cloud-native environment relies on the endurance of your monitoring configurations without manual maintenance.

Automatic Configuration for Context: When it comes to operating PCF deployments at scale, understanding performance relies on dependencies among the various layers within the app, container, and larger architecture. With SignalFx, view the health of your entire PCF deployment in the Infrastructure tab. In this view, evaluate each host VM in your environment at a glance, and in the initial Architecture view, group applications colored by critical health metrics for an instant view of system health.

Proactive, Powerful Alerting: SignalFx removes the complexity of determining the best alert conditions in those environments and maximizes the productivity of the PCF operators with tools that expedite the creation, deployment and tuning of alerts. With Alert Preview, leverage prebuilt alert conditions, such as outlier detection or historical anomaly, and instantly confirm alerts will trigger based on actual problematic symptoms.

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