Why Integrate?

The combination of SignalFx’s infrastructure metrics with New Relic’s application and transaction metrics empowers the operations team, providing visibility and context across the entire stack. SignalFx handles the time correlation with other infrastructure metrics, provides robust analytics, and enables intelligent alerts to reduce noisy notifications.

Sending New Relic Metrics

By supplying the New Relic token on the SignalFx integrations page, SignalFx can fetch the metrics from the New Relic API on your behalf. You can collect metrics from any or all of the APM, server, and mobile modules. Like in the New Relic application, you’ll see metric resolution of one data point per minute.

 New Relic Integration


Infrastructure + Application Data

Working from the same combined data source enables a common language across the previously siloed product and operations organizations to prevent and resolve issues faster.

Leading Indicators: In some cases, infrastructure metrics give an early read on potential application-layer issues, alerting developers before an issue even has time to propagate up to the app. A team with clear stack visibility can identify and fix issues earlier, even before performance is affected and the customer experiences any impact.

Intelligent Alerts: Combining infrastructure and application data helps discern signal that is not only indicative of a problem, but is also traceable in real time to a specific source. For example, a conditional alert that fires if heap usage is climbing abnormally fast and transaction latency is elevated compared to the same window yesterday or last week is probably not anomalous and likely requires attention.

Filtering & Aggregation

Dimensional Data: SignalFx’s dimensional data model allows easy filtering and aggregation of metrics, irrespective of their source. This capability perfectly complements New Relic’s detailed metrics and makes it even easier to quickly discern patterns or outliers across those metrics before drilling down to the root cause.

Relevant Analytics: SignalFx’s powerful analytics allow you to analyze application data at any level of aggregation: by infrastructure group or across apps and accounts. Using SignalFx, operations teams can even create cross-application summaries to identify a misbehaving component in the stack and engage with the correct application owner.

More Visibility: In larger organizations, we’ve seen New Relic spread organically through separate development teams who need application visibility. High-level visualizations across the entire organization allow operators to maintain horizontal visibility across development teams and applications.

New Relic Integration Chart View



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