The Definitive Guide: Container Monitoring and Observability

Adoption of containers is past the tipping point. According to CNCF’s 2018 survey, 73% of respondents said they are currently using containers in production. Companies are increasing their adoption of container architectures to help speed up innovation. However, speed of innovation means rapidly pushing new containers into production, which creates significant risk and added complexity. 

In the same CNCF survey, the majority of respondents cited monitoring as their number one concern for adopting containers. This white paper will walk you through important decisions you will have to make when implementing containers in production. We also provide recommendations for the monitoring and observability strategy you should put in place as you adopt containers.


This whitepaper covers:

  • An overview of containers 
  • Recommendations for which container orchestration framework to leverage
  • Key considerations for your monitoring and observability strategy
  • How SignalFx differentiates from other monitoring open source tools and vendors


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