New Rules of Engagement for Product Quality in a DevOps Culture from DevOps Days Seattle 2017

Traditional testing has generally meant a siloed activity, charged with ensuring shippable product quality. It has also been synonymous with words like ReleaseBlocker, ShipStopper and looked upon as a required time drain in product deployment life cycle. In most cases, without the proper process and cultural thinking in place, testing is still thought of as a blocker to shipping code.

In the DevOps world of modern microservice based architecture and cloud-based apps, this traditional thinking has long since been replaced with faster and more fluid testing practices. But what if testing is reimagined as a service that can be harnessed by other product services to ship higher quality code. Since the beginning of SignalFx, Testing-as-a-service has been the core to how we build, test, and deploy production-ready code.