Use prebuilt Chef automation recipes to deploy and configure collectd across your infrastructure.


This is the SignalFx Jenkins plugin. The collectd-jenkins plugin collects metrics from Jenkins instances hitting the job metrics and Codahale/Dropwizard JVM metrics. SignalFx provides built-in dashboards displaying useful metrics about Jenkins instances and clusters.

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Automatically create and assign issues in Jira Cloud or Jira Software when alerts are triggered in SignalFx. Use multiple Jira integrations to map your SignalFx alerts to different projects and customize assignees by detector.

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Use prebuilt Puppet automation modules to deploy and configure collectd across your infrastructure.

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  • configure collectd plugins GitHub-Mark-32px
  • send collectd metrics to SignalFx GitHub-Mark-32px


The Official SignalFx Terraform provider codifies SignalFx charts, dashboards, detectors, making it possible to programmatically create, manage, and version control them for monitoring-as-code.

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