Data Collection

  • Pre-configured, turnkey integrations for collecting AWS CloudWatch metrics
  • Automatic sync of AWS EC2 instance metadata for filtering and grouping
  • SignalFx open-source agent with a broad ecosystem of integrations
  • Open-source client libraries for instrumenting custom metrics
  • StatsD/carbon/collectd-compatible metricsproxy for aggregating and forwarding metrics from existing metrics pipelines to SignalFx
  • Integrations with third-party SaaS monitoring providers New Relic, AppDynamics

Integrations: Data Collection

Integrations: Data Ingestion

Data Ingestion

  • RESTful API for metric ingest
  • Ingest APIs for both current data AND historical backfill data
  • Support for high-resolution metrics up to 1s granularity
  • Metrics may include an unlimited number of key:value pair dimensions
  • Support for multiple metric types (e.g., counters, cumulative counters, gauges)
  • Scalable to millions of datapoints per second
  • Submit events using our Event API to provide context for metrics data (e.g., code pushes, configuration changes)

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