Chart Composition

  • Create charts from anywhere and search metrics or events to visualize 
  • Compose custom charts using a simple, easy-to-use chart builder
  • Metric selector that supports wildcards, case-insensitive search, and range queries
  • Filter time series for specific dimensions or properties
  • Browse for metrics in the chart builder and easily add new plots 
  • Exclude time-series with specific dimensions or properties (“not” filters)
  • Node-aliasing for Graphite style long metric names
  • Quickly apply common analytical functions to a chart
  • Drag-and-drop reordering of analytics functions in a pipeline
  • Combine multiple plots into a composite plot using simple expression builder
  • Select events (as output from detectors or manually added) to visualize on charts, or in event feed

Dashboards & Charts Composition

Dashboards & Charts Visualization

Chart Visualization

  • Everything you would expect, and more
  • Line, area, stacked area, column, list, and single-value chart visualizations
  • Heatmap/histogram visualization
  • Multiple Y-axes, with ability to specify Y-axis by plot
  • Complete axis control (e.g., min/max, precision, high/low watermarks)
  • Automatic conversion of metrics to use IEC Units (e.g., GB, MB, KB)
  • Plot-specific extrapolation policies
  • Consistent plot coloring by metric name or source/dimension combination
  • Customized plot colors and single-value status based on a specified threshold
  • Visualize discrete data points on a chart as data markers
  • Increase or decrease resolution with full control for individual charts or all charts in any dashboard

Dashboard Composition

  • Create custom dashboards with multiple charts
  • Drag/expand/resize charts on dashboards
  • Apply global time ranges or source filters across all charts on a dashboard
  • Set dashboard variables to quickly apply filters across a dashboard
  • Clone/import/export dashboards
  • Share copies of chart or dashboards
  • Create markdown text notes to annotate charts/dashboards
  • View on heads-up displays using high-density fullscreen mode

Dashboards & Charts Composition

Dashboards & Charts Interaction

Dashboard/Chart Interaction

  • Chart panning and zooming
  • Customizable time windows
  • Click to pause live-charts and open legend
  • Sortable legends
  • Create dashboards and start assigning metrics with a single click from anywhere in SignalFx
  • Clone existing dashboards into different dashboard groups with the API—useful when a template dashboard needs to be used by different teams but with different filters and/or time ranges.

Host Navigator

  • Host Navigator automatically shows hotspots and outliers in your infrastructure
  • Find hosts that are not emitting metrics and easily track a dead emitter in a simple dashboard
  • Visualize the status and behavior of all your Docker containers in the Host Navigator and filter and group by any set of dimensions
  • Explore correlations between metrics and dimensions with the Insights feature in Host Navigator

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