Time Series Analytics

  • Aggregate thousands of time series using aggregation functions
  • Apply smoothing functions on time series using transformation functions
  • Sequence multiple analytics functions into pipelines to create derived metrics
  • Combine multiple raw or derived metrics together into composite metrics (e.g., ratios)
  • Apply filters to analytic pipelines to exclude or select for time series with specific dimensions or properties
  • Group outputs by specific dimensions or properties
  • Filter by mulitple dimension values at once
  • All results, including those for derived and composite metrics, are calculated within two windows of your metrics’ native data resolution (i.e., within two seconds on a stream of metrics reporting every second) using SignalFlow streaming analytics
  • Simple user interface for building analytics without having to learn a new query language
  • Use built-in outlier analytics to visualize outliers in any population
  • Test and visualize your analytics via UI in real time as data flows in
  • API controls for power users

Time Series Analytics 1


Time Series Analytics 2

Analytic Controls

Analytics Controls

  • Adaptive lag algorithms that dynamically adjust wait times for your data before calculating aggregations or evaluating alert rules, designed to accommodate network lag or any other delays in forwarding your metrics
  • Tunable controls over how to handle late data, including parameters to specify how long to wait for late data before completing the calculation of a derived or composite metric
  • Multiple extrapolation settings, including zero, last value, and linear interpolation
  • Built-in intelligence to adapt dynamically to any jitter or lag in your metrics reporting

SignalFlow API

  • Describe advanced computations to the SignalFx analytics engine, apply them to your data, and stream the results back to your client
  • Data-flow-oriented language with a Python-like syntax
  • Language built-ins to create and modify streams from your time series
  • Combine multiple operations and publish the stream to get its output
  • Transform streams with lambda functions
  • Handle and publish multiple data streams at the same time


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