• Combine 1000s of time series with aggregation functions
  • Sequence multiple functions as derived metrics
  • Apply filters to analytic pipelines to exclude or select for time series with specific dimensions or properties
  • Calculate results within 2 windows of native resolution
  • Build analytics via UI, not a new query language
  • Test and visualize analytics via UI as data flows in
  • Use built-in analytics to visualize outliers in any population
  • Leverage API controls for power users


Platform Features: Analytics

Platform Features: Alerts


  • Establish which data to evaluate against alert rules, with no reconfiguration as service membership changes
  • Create dynamic thresholds based on percentile
  • Alert against service-wide metric aggregations 
  • Use detector templates for easy, repeatable alert creation
  • Send notifications to PagerDuty, VictorOps, HipChat, Slack
  • Instantly subscribe to Built-in Detectors recommended for your specific metrics and services




Platform Features: Integrations

Platform Features: Dashboards & Charts

Dashboards & Charts

  • Compose custom charts using an easy-to-use chart builder
  • Infrastructure Navigator automatically shows hotspots and outliers in your infrastructure
  • Filter time series for specific dimensions or properties
  • Create custom dashboards with multiple charts
  • Combine multiple plots into a composite plot using a simple expression builder
  • Set dashboard variables to quickly filter across a dashboard


Graphite Migration

  • Forward Graphite metrics non-disruptively into SignalFx with StatsD/carbon-compatible metricsproxy
  • Unpack long Graphite metric names into SignalFx-compatible dimensions with a regular expression parser in metricsproxy 
  • Execute Graphite wildcard-compatible metric searches in SignalFx chart builder
  • Use tab completion for metric searches in Metrics Finder
  • Get easy group-bys and filtering with node-aliasing when using SignalFx analytics on Graphite metrics


Platform Features: Graphite Migration

Platform Features: Operations & Administration

Operations & Administration

  • Comprehensive API coverage
  • Find metrics quickly by name, properties or tags via search and filtering interface or via metadata APIs
  • Group dashboards by team, service, or environment
  • Grant privileged user access to multiple organizations and consolidate billing for enterprises needing to firewall data
  • Get detailed reports on datapoints per minute, datapoints by dimension ingested, usage, and engagement


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