Defining and Preparing for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a key initiative for enterprises that want to reach new customers and offer greater value via technology. Changing user expectations, new modes of engagement, and the need to improve responsiveness are the main factors driving companies to update outdated processes and develop new applications as part of a digital transformation strategy.

But in order to deliver on the promise of digital transformation, organizations must also modernize their infrastructure to support speed, scale, and change. Traditional monitoring and alerting strategies simply don’t provide the visibility and agility needed to operate in today’s elastic environments running on the cloud and in containers.  



According to Gartner’s 2016 CEO Survey…

  • 46% of customer-perceived product value will become digital by 2019.

According to IDC’s 2015 FutureScape for Digital Transformation…

  • 60% of the Global 2000 will use digital to double productivity by 2020.
  • Worldwide spending on digital transformation will exceed $2.1 trillion by 2019.  



According to the 2016 State of Digital Transformation Readiness survey…

  1. 79% of organizations have either embraced or are in the process of transitioning to a modern infrastructure in support of digital transformation.
  2. 20% believe monitoring and alerting is the single most important investment for digital transformation readiness.
  3. 95% of ITOps and DevOps strongly believe their individual roles impact digital transformation success.  


Prepare for Digital Transformation

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