Symphony Commerce Case Study

“With SignalFx we are becoming more data oriented and proactive in understanding the entire system of the business.”

Head of Core Infrastructure, Symphony Commerce


  • A solution that wouldn’t restrict the metrics that could be monitored based on number, type, resolution, or dimensionality
  • Ability to run complex analytics like percentiles to reduce alert noise
  • Needed high resolution data and real-time analytics to catch and react to issues before impacting customers


  • The engineering team is able to compare past and current performance using analytics to make better decisions
  • Ability to see important issues and trends, like request latency, per customer or region basis using SignalFx’s multidimensional capability
  • Enabled the combination of business, application, and infrastructure metrics to build a real-time view of the whole business

Symphony Commerce delivers enterprise-level commerce as a service to today’s fastest growing brands. Symphony handles critical wholesale and retail business workflows, from commerce applications to fulfillment, allowing brands to focus on core functions like building products and nurturing customer relationships. Symphony’s commerce services come together seamlessly to deliver intelligent and personalized experiences across the customer lifecycle, so brands can deliver a unified, branded commerce experience.