Planet captures satellite images of the earth continuously and analyzes 3 terabytes of data on a daily basis for scientists, government organizations, and subscribers – in fields as varied as sustainable agriculture, finance, forestry and land use, emergency services, education, and research. Dubbed the “all-seeing eye in the sky” by Bloomberg’s Businessweek, Silicon Valley-based Planet builds, launches, and operates satellites small enough to hold in your hand.
Founded in 2012, Planet currently has the largest fleet of satellites in the world.

In 2018, Planet migrated 7+PB of satellite imaging data and 40,000 machines from AWS to Google Cloud Platform in less than 90 days.
With their entire data pipeline now in GCP, Plant ensures consistent, reliable operations across multiple clouds using Kubernetes for container orchestration and metrics monitoring with SignalFx.

“SignalFx real-time analytics and highly flexible and visual dashboards helped us to quickly see when a behavior was typical or atypical and whether it resulted from the migration itself or from a problem in the new infrastructure."

"One of the most important things we learned in this process is how important it is to not only monitor your environment, but to understand it.”