Namely is an all-in-one HR solution with data-driven analytics that gives companies incredible insight into how to best manage their people. Reliability is a critical requirement for HR solutions and Namely needed a monitoring tool that would help it ensure its clients experienced seamless performance in the processing of essential payroll, benefits, HR, and time management transactions.

SignalFx provides Namely with real-time monitoring across its advanced microservices architecture. This has allowed Namely to accelerate product development with confidence, develop more advanced features and focus the engineering team on enhancements to the Namely platform to provide its clients with a first-class product for building better workplaces.

“With best-in-class observability enabled by SignalFx, we’ve been able to accelerate our product development because we can trust the changes we’re continuously making to enhance and improve our systems”

Mike Hamrah
VP & Chief Architect at Namely


To support its growth and enable the company to continue delivering great experiences for its clients, Namely runs a complex microservices environment leveraging technologies like containers, Kubernetes and Istio. Namely needed a monitoring solution that could provide up-to-the second insight into the health of its systems to ensure the reliability and performance of its platform. Moreover, Namely needed a tool that would help it best use one of the company’s most valuable resources—the time of the engineers building the Namely platform.


Namely selected SignalFx for best-in-class observability. SignalFx easily integrated with Namely’s existing suite of tools, such as Prometheus, StatsD, and OpenTracing, to provide real-time visibility across its full environment.

Built-in dashboards from SignalFx have allowed the engineering team to get instant insights into its systems—including great metrics and performance data on its Kubernetes and Istio deployments—with minimal effort or overhead.

SignalFx Microservices APM™ has given Namely the ability to quickly aggregate information across its system and easily identify anomalous behavior and outliers. This allows Namely to quickly pinpoint disruptions and remediate, delivering a more performant experience to its clients.


Improving observability had been one of the highest priority items for Namely. With SignalFx, Namely has a solution that provides in-depth insights across its systems while empowering its engineering team to spend its time focused on creating a first-class product for its clients.

SignalFx has allowed Namely to:

  • Accelerate product development because the engineering team can trust the changes they are making to improve their systems
  • Develop more advanced features and deliver even better experiences for its clients by easily identifying and taking action on opportunities for performance enhancements
  • Focus the engineering team on Namely’s core mission—helping its clients build better workplaces—instead of infrastructure-related concerns
  • Support the adoption of modern technologies like containers, Kubernetes and Istio through real-time monitoring of these ephemeral environments

“One of the biggest challenges that any growing company has is where you’re spending your engineering resources. SignalFx allows us to focus on our clients and create a solid platform to build new features and functionality that make them happy and successful.”

Mike Hamrah
VP & Chief Architect at Namely