10 million

Glympses per month



Anticipated customer growth



Daily code releases


Real-time monitoring and analytics from SignalFx allow DevOps teams to release code continuously with confidence as Glympse helps companies optimize customers’ time and service satisfaction.

  • Faster time-to-resolution protects customer experience
  • Single pane of glass view across key performance and business metrics
  • Visibility into 10x daily code releases

“The real-time analytics, customizable dashboards, and native integrations—especially for AWS—were the key features that first got us really excited about SignalFx.”

John Gruender
VP of Engineering at Glympse


By nature, the services Glympse provides are extremely time-sensitive, so business continuity is an operational imperative. In order to achieve the high reliability for which its brand is known, Glympse needed real-time application monitoring for complete visibility across its entire platform in order to predict, identify, and resolve issues rapidly.

As Glympse accelerated its growth, their engineering and development teams began to struggle to maintain operational insight. They needed to keep pace with the soaring number of customer interactions, or “Glympses,” while also allowing for agile development through continuous code releases. Cloud-native from its inception and with a very mature microservices and container-based architecture, Glympse developers release code directly into production up to 10 times per day. Without a cloud-native monitoring and observability tool, the team lacked real-time visibility into their cloud infrastructure, applications, and underlying microservices. The overhead of managing many point solutions from different vendors, along with an increasing reliance on engineering to handle the integrations between tools and platforms was becoming unmanageable. With the expectation that its already high volume of 10 million Glympses a month could grow 10x within a year, the team sought an enterprise monitoring and analytics solution that would help them scale confidently while continuing to deliver the excellent customer experience that built their brand.



SignalFx provides the visibility, monitoring, alerting, and analytics needed to reliably run Glympse’s real-time services, while also supporting the development and engineering teams’ continuous release cycles. With SignalFx, Glympse has improved operational intelligence for engineering and development by providing a single pane of glass view across key performance and business metrics. SignalFx brings together Glympse’s tech ecosystem through out-of-the-box integrations for all of Glympse’s open source and AWS tools. Finally, SignalFx ensures Glympse has the flexibility to scale as quickly as the company grows with a pay-as-you-grow pricing model.


Glympse uses custom dashboards in SignalFx to monitor the heartbeat of its core applications.


  • SignalFx’s real-time monitoring that can run as fast as Glympse’s own service enables the team to predict and prevent potential service disruptions
  • A single, comprehensive monitoring solution allowed Glympse to eliminate the wasteful overhead of managing and maintaining numerous point solutions.
  • SignalFx gave Glympse’s developer and engineering teams a reliable platform for DevOps to more easily enable code releases to production, including canary deployments.
  • With SignalFx, Glympse has a scalable and reliable solution for future growth.

“As we got deeper into the platform and could see our performance and business metrics updating in real time as well as the robustness of all the operational variables that could be monitored, visualized, and historically mapped in a single pane of glass, the insight and value we could unlock with SignalFx was clear.”

John Gruender
VP of Engineering at Glympse

About Glympse: The next time you have to leave work to meet the cable guy at home, you may have Glympse to thank for saving you a lot of time. As a built-for-mobility SaaS leader, Glympse uses real-time temporary location sharing as part of a fully-branded web experience to help companies keep their customers informed as to the whereabouts and arrival of time-sensitive services like package and food delivery, roadside assistance, courtesy shuttles, and the ETA of your cable technician. With its powerful platform, Glympse helps companies improve their customer satisfaction by eliminating the friction and anxiety of product and service delivery experiences.