“We are now able to send and analyze metrics with four times more granularity than we had before, and predict outages on our customers’ instances of AWS before Amazon does.”

Aaron Pacheco
Product Manager for Acquia’s product delivery infrastructure


  • Existing metrics tools performed poorly
  • Monitoring data was incomplete and untrustworthy
  • The operations teams could not easily share data with customers



  • The operations team has real-time visibility into application and infrastructure health
  • Average time spent resolving incidents decreased by 26%
  • Ops saves more than 138 hours per month, or close to that of a full-time employee
  • Over $1,000,000 in annual cost savings realized for AWS services

SignalFx enables Acquia’s engineering team to release code faster and more reliably, helps technical support teams troubleshoot issues immediately, and even gives Acquia’s customers the ability to directly monitor the capacity of their own services. Read the blog from Acquia.


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