Reduction in average time spent per incident


AWS infrastructure savings


Annual productivity gains

Acquia helps companies build digital customer experiences. As its user base grew, the company needed better insight into its customers’ instances and quicker access to data it could trust. Acquia turned to SignalFx for monitoring its growing AWS environment. The results included slashed support times, shorter time-to-resolution, fewer disruptions, happier customers, and less of a burden on Acquia’s technical team.

“We are now able to send and analyze metrics with four times more granularity than we had before, and predict outages on our customers' instances of AWS before Amazon does.”

Aaron Pacheco
Program Manager, Infrastructure Services


Acquia needed more robust operational tools to manage the growth in its infrastructure and the complexity of its technology stack. Acquia’s existing monitoring tools performed poorly, resulting in data that was incomplete and untrustworthy. Additionally, the operations team could not easily share data with customer.


SignalFx provides monitoring for infrastructure, services, applications, microservices, containers, and AWS Lambda. The solution enables Acquia’s engineering team to release code faster and more reliably, helps technical support teams troubleshoot issues in real-time, and even gives Acquia’s customers the ability to directly monitor the capacity of their own services.


With the help of SignalFx, Acquia:

  • Reduced the average time spent per incident by 26%, saving close to 140 hours per month, nearly equivalent to a full time employee
  • Saved technical users an hour of time per day across nearly 400 employees using SignalFx
  • Embedded SignalFx data directly into its customer portal for self-service troubleshooting and capacity planning
  • Dramatically shortened the average customer service call time from an hour to minutes
  • Discovered over $600,000 in AWS infrastructure savings within weeks of deploying
  • Realized $1MM in annual productivity gains through time saved across Acquia teams

“Complex data is visually represented in beautiful graphs, so users can instantly understand what's going on. Our team trusts the information, so we can have conversations based on the data and easily share screenshots with customers so everyone is on the same page.”

Aaron Pacheco
Program Manager, Infrastructure Services


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