The adoption of cloud services, DevOps practices, and ephemeral architectures has been proven to significantly accelerate the pace of innovation, as well as response times to errors and bugs – but becoming cloud-native won’t happen overnight. Your business will progress through the cloud-native journey in three distinct stages – each with its own challenges and areas of focus. SignalFx has all of the capabilities to help guide your every step.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Application Monitoring

Digital Business Monitoring

Stage 3 – Cloud-Native

Companies at this stage have built a centralized core of best practices around platform technologies that development teams opt into, while still satisfying individual requirements. They often are running full production microservices, take an “immutable infrastructure” approach that uses containers or serverless computing, and use orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes that enable automated remediation. Many of these companies also have teams dedicated specifically to monitoring and Observability for the entire organization. What’s required is an Observability platform that can leverage automation to keep up with high-velocity software releases, provide analytics capabilities that easily process millions of data points with sophisticated algorithms capable of driving automated remediation, and help teams understand how application health relates to business health.

Monitoring as Code

Having multiple sets of one-off configurations and relying exclusively on manual intervention for incident response means your monitoring will inevitably fail to scale past individual engineering teams. Achieve monitoring-as-code with the SignalFx API, where you can easily author programs to automate the creation of dashboards and alerts, or leverage SignalFx’s sophisticated low-latency analytics and alerting algorithms to auto-remediate issues before your customers experience any problems.

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Scalable Analytics

Metrics systems must deal with an increasingly diverse array of datasets and sources, as well as handle the rapid churn of containers and cloud services at scale. It’s essential for a monitoring solution to address multiple use cases inside an organization, and continue to perform even as thousands of components continuously spin up and down. SignalFx delivers scalable analytics that can provide a holistic view across different groups of users and types of data. Monitor ten compute instances as easily as ten thousand, aggregate and combine metrics to measure microservice health, and join signals together for visibility from multiple angles.

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Business Observability

As software becomes central to your business, understanding the relationship between application performance and your bottom line is critical. With SignalFx’s code libraries you can instrument services deeply with custom metrics, then effortlessly build dashboards that track both application metrics (request rate, errors, duration) and business KPIs (SLAs, infrastructure cost, customer usage) in a single view.

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