The adoption of cloud services, DevOps practices, and ephemeral architectures has been proven to significantly accelerate the pace of innovation, as well as response times to errors and bugs – but becoming cloud-native won’t happen overnight. Your business will progress through the cloud-native journey in three distinct stages – each with its own challenges and areas of focus. SignalFx has all of the capabilities to help guide your every step.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Application Monitoring

Digital Business Monitoring

Stage 2 – Experimental

Companies that advance to this next phase of the cloud-native journey tend to have a self-service approach to new technology adoption. Engineering teams empowered by a mandate to increase development velocity begin selecting preferred tools and deploying their own cloud infrastructure independently of one another, and without explicit organizational approval. This often results in duplicated effort and a lack of shared best practices – an occurrence commonly known as “Shadow IT”.

Ending this cycle is essential for companies that have decided to adopt DevOps practices and invest in microservices architecture, neither of which are possible without effective coordination across teams. The right Observability platform enables shared context throughout the entire organization and provides tools for directed troubleshooting.

Enterprise-Ready Collaboration

A significant challenge of introducing new technologies to large organizations is ensuring shared visibility. SignalFx lets you easily create shared monitoring content, ensure compliance, and optimize costs, while still empowering individual developers to instrument and monitor the specific services they own.

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Real-Time, Analytics-Driven Alerting

Effectively coordinating incident response across dozens of microservices and scrum teams is challenging without the right tools for troubleshooting and triage. Overwhelmed by the volume of data points generated from modern cloud environments, traditional approaches to alerting often result in hundreds of false notifications and alert storms. An intelligent alerting system that can pinpoint issues proactively and correlate issues across services is critical – SignalFx can help you create an early warning system for production issues by alerting on statistical anomalies and tuning alerts to eliminate noise.

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Service-Level Visibility

Monitoring that measures only the most basic of signals will fail to uncover critical issues in timely fashion. It’s necessary to look beyond simple infrastructure-level metrics, uncover meaningful patterns in service behavior, and properly establish KPIs. With SignalFx, you can combine metrics to create composite signals that closely measure the health of your applications, and apply statistical methods to develop more actionable alerts and remediation procedures.

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